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Celebrating 37 Years in 2023!

Who is GCC?

  • Our chorus includes over 60 talented singers from all ages & walks of life

  • We are Cleveland's 9-time Region 17 champions of Sweet Adelines International

  • We perform at exciting Cleveland events and venues

  • Our repertoire is filled with a cappella and barbershop-style music comprised of traditional and contemporary songs

  • We provide music education for every level

  • We support our communities through many outreach initiatives

What is  Sweet Adelines?

There are many singing organizations out there. Sweet Adelines International (SAI)  is a worldwide organization of women singers. Established in 1945, we are committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performances. GCC is a member of Great Lakes Harmony Region 17, a part of SAI, which is comprised of 22 choruses that include 800+ singers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Indiana. 


We sing four-part a cappella and barbershop style harmony. The music is created by blending four different voices parts - tenor, lead, baritone and Bass - to create one perfect chord.  


Barbershop has come a long way from the days of four men in straw hats singing ragtime melodies. We are an international organization not only dedicated to preserving the unique sound of barbershop harmony but sharing our passion for music and creating a community that supports and empowers each other in every area of our lives.

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